Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thank you for Kona! (formerly known as Charlie)

I cannot express how wonderful it has been to have Kona (known at the shelter as "Charlie) as our family member.

We brought Kona home in late July. My husband and I had been ready to adopt for a few months but had waited until our summer vacations were over so we would have focused home time to spend with our new doggy friend. One Saturday we plotted a course of shelter visits and went on our way. I had heard about Homeward Pet via a few co-workers who had adopted from Homeward Pet and had wonderful things to say about the organization. Homeward Pet was the second stop on our shelter route.

We have a vivacious male Rat Terrier Bijou (also a shelter dog) and had in our mind that we would be getting a large mellow female to balance his energy out. Kona was neither female, or large, but there was just something about him when he looked up at us though the shelter pen that made us take a second look and give a second thought to what we "thought" we wanted. We took Kona for a walk, spent a little time with him, him and Bijou met in the outdoor greet area, and after the whole family spent some time together, we decided to take him home.

What a wonderful decision it was. Bijou and Kona are as compatible a pair as anyone could hope for. Bijou was also a rescue and it took us months and months to integrate smoothly into our home, for Kona it was a matter of weeks, he fits in so well.

I can't put into words what a great fit Kona is for our family, so sweet, smart and cuddly. He's been out on hiking and camping trips and has no desire to be anywhere but by our side. In the evenings he's cuddle up on our lap or with Bijou. During the days he's busy guarding the house from "evil doers" or rough housing with Bijou.

Thank you Homeward Pet! You are doing an amazing job at taking care of dogs (and cats too!), providing them shelter, and helping to find them happy homes. Kona has his "forever home" and we are forever grateful!

~Tim, Maya, Kona and Bijou!

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