Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vayda & Rowan (AKA Louise & Gus)

My boyfriend and I adopted Vayda and Rowan (previously named Louise and Gus) about a month ago, and we are completely in love with them! They are so much fun and they keep us on our toes all day. Vayda (the black/gray tabby) is 7 months old now and she is the ultimate cuddler. Even if I catch her doing something she shouldn't, and I feel as if she would run away from me- as soon as I scoop her up, I'm amazed that she's already purring and kneading into my face. It's easy to forgive her :) She acts more like a dog than a kitty, always talking to us and following us around. If I pat my leg even once, she'll hear it from across the room and will jump up into my lap almost every time, talking along the way to me!


Rowan (the gray/white tabby) is 4 months old now, and he is just the coolest kitten. He is so playful, but that doesn't stop him from stretching out and taking a nap for what seems to be hours at a time. It doesn't matter if the room is full of people- he will pass out in the middle of them all. It takes a lot to get him out of cuddling with us, since he is such a heavy sleeper. He is also the fastest kitten I've seen! They both have wonderful personalities, so it's hard for people around us not to fall for such cuties :) I'm so happy that a friend recommended Homeward Pet to us - couldn't imagine being without these amazing little cats!
- Brittany


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