Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bart and Repete

This story started a long time ago - back when Homeward Pets was Hooterville Pets. My daughter (then 8 years old) and I volunteered one day a week at Hooterville cleaning litter in the cats' cages and walking dogs. We had two cats at the time and when we lost one from old age, we decided we would get another - from our favorite no-kill shelter.

My husband, my daughter and I came to Hooterville with one replacement cat in mind and left with two - a beautiful dark grey cat and an orange cat ~ they were both less than six months old.  Both Shadow and Pete are gone now (our daughter is now 28) and we decided to get another cat.

We discovered Hooterville had now changed to Homeward Pets and because we had been so happy with them before, we decided to return.We were glad to see that they are still a no-kill shelter, have a wonderful staff, and a beautiful new building. To our surprise, there were two cats there that were destined to belong to us. A beautiful black kitten and an orange kitten ~ both less than six months old. Bart and Repete. 

We love them to pieces!

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