Monday, February 13, 2012

Casper and Jasmine

We adopted Casper and Jasmine (then Angel) in August of 2010. I saw Jasmine's photo on Homeward's website and it was love at first sight. I knew she was meant to be in our lives. We rushed out the next day to get her (thankfully she was still available!). She was living with her brother, so of course we brought him home too!
They are best buds and complete opposites. Jasmine is wild, curious, hyper, mischievous. We always joke that she never sleeps! She is also extremely cuddly and affectionate. Casper is very mellow, lazy and happy to just watch the world go by.
Casper has also become best buddies with our small dog, Lily, and they are usually found walking around the house together - side by side. You won't see one without the other. They also cuddle and sleep together.
Thank you Homeward Pet for our two wonderful kitties! They bring so much happiness to our lives.
Kacy, Brian and the gang

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