Friday, December 30, 2011

Joe DiMaggio

We had just said we were not going to get another dog for awhile when we walked by the Homeward Pet booth at The Mill Creek Town Center in August. Joe wasn't even out of the van yet but the crazy picture of him made us ask questions. Well questions turned into visiting which turned into adopting. Joe has been a show stopper everywhere we go. With his crazy looks, we had to keep his crazy name-Joe DiMaggio. It took Joe no time at all to start ruling the house. We took Joe to training and he surprised everyone as almost everyone there knew Joe before we adopted him. His hair is finally filling in and adding more character to his personality.
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Thursday, December 29, 2011


Bringing Lulu home was the most natural thing imaginable. She didn't fuss or howl during the 20 minute car ride. Once inside she acted like this was just what she expected. While we got off to a smooth and great start, the best part has been getting to know each other as our relationship deepens. She's now been running and playing about the house for nearly two weeks. With all the clever toys I purchased and entice her to play with, she can spend hours batting at her shadow on the hardwood floor. Who knew?


Thanks to Homeward Pets for making this adoption such an enjoyable and successful process.


Monday, December 26, 2011

Pippa (AKA Corrin)



Its been a little over two days that we've had the privilege of being Corrin's parents. Since Corrin wasn't her previous given name we decided to change it to Pippa. We are delighted to have this precious animal in our lives.


The night we brought her home, Pippa did remarkably well. Her appetite was light; not unusual due to the circumstance and new surroundings. When it was time for bed we put her in another room from us with the door closed. Pippa quickly went to sleep, but 2 hours later woke up scared.  We followed your advise and put a leash with the other end tied to the bed post. It worked like a charm! Great advise.


The next morning, she ate fairly well and played outside. We've discovered Pippa has a real liking for squirrels. We kept Pippa very busy since leaving the shelter. She been to the doggy spa for a bath and nail trimming, she been to store and picked out two comfy beds. Pippa went to the vet this morning and everything checkout OK, the vet believes she might be full lab not mix. 


We have also schedule her for doggy obedience training starting the first of the year. 


Thank you for your wonderful work!


Merry Christmas,


Walter, Tana, Pippa, and Lucy Boy




Sunday, December 25, 2011


Christmas is all about sharing, right boys? This is my dog Louie on the left and my dad's dog Ben, on the right. They are playing on Christmas eve. Both are Homeward alumni and best buddies.
-Karen Holt

Friday, December 23, 2011


Ava, as you can see from the pics and within just 1 day, has taken over my favorite very comfy man-cave chair. She also is discovering the bird feeder and enjoying football on the TV. I hope I can some day pull the remote control from her grasp.  She is eating/sleeping very well along with having a tons of energy running up and down the stairs. Thanks again for introducing me to Ava and for all you guys do.

Enjoy the holiday season.

Mitch (& Ava)



Jazz is VERY happy in her new home and we love her SO much! She loooooves the laser pointer toy we got her and she loves to look out the window at the birds and bunnies.


Thank you for allowing us to adopt her!!



Monday, December 19, 2011


About 2 months ago today we formally adopted Ms Marilyn the white Persian with the pink purse. She has settled in quite well at our home and even though she doesnt get along with other cats she is very tolerating of our sweet orange boy or maybe he is more tolerating of her. Either way, we are all doing well. Its fun to watch her transformation from shelter cat to home/house cat. She has many different sleeping spots, enjoys sitting/sleeping with her people and has found her appetite again. She is involving her self more and more with the people around her and has lots of kisses/licks to share with us. Thank you Laurel for suggesting her to us and thank you HPAC for taking care of Marilyn for almost a year until she found her home with us. The transition was seamless.

Rudy of Rudys Retreat

8 years ago today we adopted our sweet heart Orange boy Rudy. He wasn't even on the adoption floor yet but in the intake room. We fell in love with him as soon as we held him and the purring began. He was quite the sight as he had all his fur shaved off due to fleas and fur issues and as you all know when a cat is wet or shaved they are quite tiny/thin looking. We brought him home despite his appearance and he turned into the most beautiful cat and the sweetest. Thank you so much HPAC for finding these truly adoptable animals and saving their lives to allow them to enrich ours.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Sweet Pair

Here is my foster kitten my brother adopted last year and the one he just adopted this year. A great match.



When Gayle & I adopted Oscar in July, he was just over 3 months old, and weighed 4 lbs. Today our little orange guy is 8 months old and a not so little 11 lbs. He has been such a FANTASTIC new member of our family. What a sweet cat! And he has fit in perfectly with our other cat, Boo. They get lots of exercise together chasing and wrestling.

We just wanted to check in with you and let you know Oscar is doing great, and we thank you again for everything Homeward Pet does for rescue animals. We spread the word about your organization constantly. Hope your new facility is working grand, and sometime in 2012 we can stop by to see it.

Happy holidays to you all at Homeward Pet!

Jim & Gayle


Hello Laurel, We are writing to give you an update on our lovely little kitty Mia (Farina). She has been the sweetest girl since we got her a month ago. She and our other kitty Joey have been getting along great. It took them a few days to figure each other out, but since then they have been buddies. They are pretty cute playing with each other. Mia likes to sit behind the curtain to our patio door and poke her toes out for Joey to try to get. Joey has definitely benefited from us adopting her. We have noticed that his separation anxiety issues have gotten so much better with her around. Thank you so much for helping us adopt our little sweetheart. She has been the perfect addition to our little family.

Sarah and Will


Thank you so much for being there today with Pumpkin! He is adapting wonderfully, and I just LOVE him!!!

Betty and Benny

These two have settled in nicely. They are already very spoiled!

Home for the Holidays for Betty and Benny! Hurray!!!

BB aka Bumblebee

I had been looking for a medium energy, large dog over the last couple of months by visiting several rescues and humane societies. Of course, all the dogs in the kennels were very excited to see anyone come visit. When I saw BB's posting I visited Homeward Pet again to see her. When I first saw her she just waking up from a nap and didn't seem to care what was going on even though the other dogs were going crazy. I took her for a walk and she was a dream; right by my side the entire time. I even got to put her back in her kennel which was so easy even while all the other dogs were still going crazy. I came back a couple of days later and she was still there. Since then we have been walking a lot and getting her socialized to other dogs and humans so she can be calm and respectful. She has made such an easy adjustment and I feel so fortunate to have gotten to adopt her. She goes everywhere with me and is patient and calm while I go into stores or get a coffee. Crate
training was a breeze and I even broke the code on getting her to be more treat driven. Next project is retrieving and recall so we can let her do more running and jumping. She is such a sweet dog. Thank you Homeward Pet for such a great companion.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wonderwomen aka Kamalani

My wife and I stopped by your shelter earlier this year. We had lost my golden retreiver and the father of my boy. He was very close to both his mom and dad, we lost his mom 2 years ago.
He was very lonely and I could see he was depressed. So my wife says lets go to Homeward Pet and she if we find him a new partner in crime. I am very much an animal lover and wanted to take all doggies home with me, but after looking and introducing him to several worthy parnters, he kinda choose Wonderwomen, I wanted a Lab and a black lab she was.
At first they didnt seem to care, My wife kept Wonderwomen at her house for about 2 weeks, she was an absolutle proper lady. She was house broken, good appetite, and very playful.
I brought her home to my house and to Mr. Mellow, they did the usual doggie dancing. After about 20 minutes they settled down. She loves the park, riding in the doggie truck, sitting in the front seat where she isnt suppose to be, but those big brown eyes, oh well. They both are inseparable, so I wanted to let all of you know that Wonderwomen is now Kamalani, in hawaiian it means "child of a god". I know she will have the life all animals should have healthy,happy and safe. I love her to death, Thank you so much Homeward Pet, I may be by for another trouble maker soon.
Joseph Loo
Gold Bar, WA

p.s. sorry about the pictures not being here I will send some asap.