Thursday, January 26, 2012

Basha Update

Hi Will!


We hope you had a wonderful holiday season! We just wanted to write to tell you how wonderful Basha is doing :) She has changed so much, and become a (surprisingly!) calm, yet playful, and loving girl! She has figured out that this is her home, and continues to be more and more comfortable. She loves chewing on all her toys, and actually drops the ball for fetch now! She loves sleeping in front of the fire and on the sofa, preferably with us for pillows. If there is no room for her on the sofa, she will make some! She thinks she's a lap dog - if there is ANY tiny open spot, she will climb up and gradually wiggle around to get us to scoot over and make a space for her. She likes to look at herself in the mirror, and watching her in this snow is so funny - she sticks her nose in it and makes herself sneeze, and she likes to eat it. She completed her dog class at Doggy Haven, and we are now working with another trainer on getting her not to bark at dogs. She doesn't jump up anymore (well, most of the time!) and is usually great meeting new people. She has met my family and my coworkers, and is gradually getting to spend more time with David at work. She's such a quick study, we think that once she can overcome the dog distraction she will enjoy some agility classes! We hope that all of you at Homeward Pet are doing well, and thank you all so much for helping Basha and letting her be a part of our lives!!!


Lexi, David, and Basha

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