Saturday, May 31, 2008

Homeward needs kitten supplies!

Kitten season has struck with a vengeance and we are running low on kitten supplies. If you are looking to help Homeward in some way, picking up supplies for us would be greatly appreciated!

We especially need KMR POWDER (not the second step, the regular one).We could also use kitten wet food and kitten dry food. If you have experience and are interested in fostering very young kittens please get in touch with me- thanks in advance for whatever help you can offer.


Laurel Ehrlich

Cat Program Manager

Homeward Pet Adoption Center

425-488-4444 ex 402


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Poppy Pepper


Just wanted to let you know that Poppy seems to be happily adjusting to life in our household. She gets long walks twice a day which she loves! We even go to the beach and she wades in the water. She chases squirrels, but doesnt seem to care at all about the cats. The cats on the other hand are quite mystified by this calm thing that has come into their world. She doesnt seem to even notice them, and of course cats have trouble understanding that there are not the centers of everyones universe! Poppy and the orange male kitty have rubbed noses and I think they will be lifelong friends. The grey kitty, who is born cuddle-bun, doesnt like to be left out of anything so she gets a little closer to Poppy every day and I imagine she will be cuddling with her soon!

Poppy has made friends with some of the dogs in the neighborhood, particularly Bree and Emma. When we walk by they come over to play. She likes that very much. We are going to try the dog park this weekend so shell get even more time to play with other dogs.

Thank you for saving her life. She is truly a wonderful dog. Its wonderful what your organization does and we could never thank you enough!!!

Thanks again,

Betsy Pepper

And Poppy says woof and thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Mmmmmm.... treats....

Larry, a former resident of Homeward Pet, enjoys some amazing treats from our corporate partner, Petit Four Legs ( And it gave me a reason to try out video uploads. Send me your videos! Thanks for the clip Marc and Jane. -Steve, Executive Director

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ling Ling up date

Hi, I just want you to know that Ling Ling/ Jazie is doing great! She
is a lover dog! We changed her name and she caught onto it real fast.
She is a very well behaved little dog, very playful and loves to cuddle.
She seems as happy with us as we are with her. We had plans for her to
sleep in her doggie bed on the floor at night but she insists on
sleeping between us. So be it! hahaha We just love her.
We just love her!
Thank you so much!
Peggy Curl

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gunner Update!

Hi Homeward Staff and Volunteers,
We wanted to give you an update on Gunner.  He is doing really well.  We just love him.  It's been really fun getting to know him this past week and figuring out all his little quirks.  He is extremely smart and listens very well.  When inside the house, he follows us around like he's our shadow.  He's extremely athletic and is learning to walk nicely on his leash.  His favorite toys include tennis balls, soccer balls (one in which he has already deflated), squeaky stuffed animals, and the water hose.  The pictures attached are of him with his deflated ball and jumping for the water being sprayed out of the hose.  He loves to jump and draws a crowd when he plays with the hose!  He also loves other dogs.  We haven't had any issues with him and any of the neighbor dogs, he likes them all.
Thank you so much for taking good care of him!
Camron and Meghan Harvey

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Allowance donation to help our animals

The Kol Ami 3rd grade Sunday school class decided to all donate their allowance to help the animals at Homeward Pet. Baker the puppy is appreciative of their generosity!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hi there!  Sophie's doing great!  She has the best temperament/personality that we could have hoped for.  We visit the dog park down the street from our condo almost every day (in the month since we got her I think we've only missed 2 days!) and she's made tons of friends there.  We're still perfecting our potty training, but she's getting closer.  Since the first day we brought her home she's been able to sleep all night in the crate without any whining or accidents, so that is for sure a bonus!
She learned to sit and lay down right off the bat and we've also taught her fetch, shake and roll over (which she learned suprisingly quick!).  We are now working on 'stay', which has proven to be a little tougher than the others, but she's getting there. 
After our initial vet visit, they determined she had giardia (I think that's what it is.. some sort of intestinal parasite), so they gave us some meds to give her for 5 days.  We're now due to take her back in to get re-checked and make sure it's gone.  We're also going to have them double check the progress of her mange, because we've noticed some spots of thin fur that just don't seem to be going away, as well as a spot on her belly and under her chin that seem to be new.  We're not sure if those spots are results of rough play at the dog park or some mange acting up, so we're going to ask the vet about it when we go in. 
We really lucked out with her disposition towards our cat as well.  She's a little bit curious, but the cat has definitely put her in her place a couple times so she's pretty reluctanct to get close to her.  For the most part she just ignores her which is perfect.  We've also started allowing her some nights to sleep on our bed with us, which doesn't seem to even bother the cat so often we're sharing our bed with both of them!
We also made a trip to Bellingham to visit my sister and her two young kids (5 & 3) and she did great with them.  They absolutely loved her, as does everyone else she meets!  We get many comments on how cute of a face she has and how well behaved for a puppy she is. 
I'm so glad we visited your facility when we did, we couldn't have asked for a better puppy!
Brooke & Ryan

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Clayton is not too stressed at Homeward!

This sweet boy can many times be found stretched out and sleeping on his back at the shelter. He would be such a snuggle bunny in a ‘forever home’!


Laurel Ehrlich

Cat Program Manager

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Greetings from Mudge - from Orcas

Hello to you All,

Mudge had asked me to send you some shots to let you know that the
family he is with is really cool and "woofy" - they brought him here to
this nice property and even told him that this will be the spot he will
be hanging out after 2011 - he thinks he can accept that.

Tomorrow we will go down to the ocean and will see how he likes running
at the beach.

Best greetings from Annette, Scott and
Woofy greetings from Mudge

Happy Tails - Bridget

We Adopted our dog 2 months ago and just wanted to let you know how wonderful she is.  She fit right into her new home and not only has she learned her house manners quickly, she has even learned to do things like fetch slippers for us.  She loves going to the dog park and playing fetch in the backyard.  Thanks to some help from a trainer she has learned not to pull on the leash.  I'm sure she will love camping trips this summer. 
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to adopt the newest member of our family!
Heather Richards

Friday, May 9, 2008


Bella is doing so well. She is a just so adorable cutest baby.
I'm on a vacation right now so I have lots time with her.
I take her everywhere and at the park she just love to play with other dogs.
Everybody loves Bella.
I think I'm so lucky that I got Bella.
I attached her picture.
Thank you so much.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy tails- Quilla aka Faith

Hello! Sorry it's taken several months to respond but we moved onto 9 acres and had/have a TON to do! Faith, now named Quilla, is the happiest dog alive! She and Toppy are best friends and do EVERYTHING together. Their fav. games are stalking each other, hunting for mice and other things in the grass, tag and tug a war. She loves cats and horses too! Her and the cats nuzzle and even lick each other. Allie, our 14 year old dog, and her have an understanding, with Quilla saying  hi then leaves her alone.  She is very obedient like Toppy now, and knows come, sit, stay, and heel like a champ. She is the BIGGEST cuddler ever as you can see by one of our naptime pics.
Here are some pics of her in her new life! This is proof Pitbulls only get a bad name from being with poor guardians!!
Taylor & Nick

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Trails - Maya

Hello to the wonderful folks at Homeward Pets!

It's been about a month since we added our 11 month old black lab Maya to the family (formerly named Trina) and she's doing just great.  She's high energy and loves going to Marymoor dog park.  I know she's a purebred lab but we were convinced she was part Greyhound when we saw her run.  She's the fastest dog at the park!  She still hasn't ventured into the water yet, but she's really curious watching other dogs go for a swim so we think it's just a matter of time.  We're looking forward to camping and hiking season so we can go exploring with our friends and their dogs, Pongo, Moose and Petey. 

Maya is now in puppy classes at Positive Dog and is learning her commands fast.  She's a natural sitter and she's getting much better at come, down and stay.  She's really good on walks and doesn't dart after other dogs if she's on the leash, although she really loves to play off leash when she can.  She's not much of a retriever yet; she'll run full speed for someone else's ball but doesn't pick them up or return them yet so we're working on that.    We take her on walks during the week and to the dog park every weekend.  During the week while we're working she goes to Marymoor with our dog walker Lee.  He takes some great photos and posts them at so you can always be sure to see new pix of her on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Look for the fastest black lab and that's Maya!

Maya is already family to us so we cannot thank you enough for everything that you do, and special thanks to Anne Marie, our adoption counselor. 

Best wishes,

Kelly, Adam and Maya Anderson

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy Tails...Arthur

So, it's been not quite a month and I can't even imagine not having Duke here.  Oh, yeah, we
renamed him Duke.  Of all the names that we offered him, it's the only one he responded to. 
So he really renamed himself.

I see that you still have his picture up on the donate page...I looked at those sad eyes and knew
that he had to come home.  It still makes me cry when I see it.  From the minute we walked out
the door at your adoption center he was a part of the family.  He made that very clear as we were
getting on the freeway and he decided that he was not a cargo area kind of dog and bounded over
the seats...headed straight for the front!!  Luckily he was stopped by our daughters in the back seat,
or he might have been doing the driving!!  The rest of the trip to Bremerton was in one lap or the other!!

Faster than anyone could ever hope for, the 3 dogs waiting at home accepted him and it's always
been as if it's always been.  Duke pretty much ignores the cats and they him.  It really is as if
he's been here forever.  He follows me from room to room all day, only sometimes giving me that
look, like "just how many times are we going to go up & down the stairs?" 

He's on a slow but steady weight gain plan, the goal is 10 pounds and then a recheck with the vet
to see how that looks.  His hair is growing in thick and fluffy!!  I can hardly wait to see what he
really looks like!  Oh, and the best news from the vet is that he thinks Duke is not nearly as old
as he looks.  His weight issue and his white and gray coloring make him look older than his years. 
If he's right, Duke is only 2-3 years old and the best part of that is that we get to enjoy him for many
years to come! 

I'm sending some pictures, I think they'll tell you more than I can!  It's amazing the transformation
he's made!

Thank you so much for giving him a chance.  For saving his life.  For believing that he was worth
the effort. 

Liz Rothery
"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." -Will Rogers